CrawlTrack, webmaster dashboard.
Web analytic and SEO

CrawlProtect, your website safety.
Protection against hacking, spam and content theft

Two php/MySQL scripts, free and easy to install
The tools you need to manage and keep control of your site.



Requirements to run CrawlTrack
Is your hosting compatible with CrawlTrack? What did you need to check before to start CrawlTrack installation?

CrawlTrack installation step by step. 5 to 10 minutes maximum to have a CrawlTrack ready to run.

How to integrate the CrawlTrack tag on my pages?
Where and how to put the CrawlTrack tag on your pages. Solution for the main scripts available on the net (CMS, board, directory...).

How to use CrawlTrack with html pages?
On a pure HTML site there is maybe a solution to use CrawlTrack.

How to protect your site from hacking attempts?
One unique feature of CrawlTrack is the anti-hacking protection, some advice to protect your site from hacking.

How to see visits statistics?
How to consult all the information collected by CrawlTrack, the secrets of the navigation menu.

How to use internal search engine?
Numerous searchs are possible on CrawlTrack database. More detail about this feature here.

How to personnalize your Crawltrack to have the better usage of the available options.

How can I test if my CrawlTrack installation is Ok?
Once installation and set-up done, how to check that everything is well set-up.

Others Questions.
Frequently ask questions.

Technical datas.
For thus who want to understand CrawlTrack technic and why note modify it, some technicals datas to help you.

The know issues and solution. If something is wrong on your installation, you will maybe find the solution here.

Translate CrawlTrack in an other language.
If you want to take part in the CrawlTrack adventure and you speak a language which is not yet available in CrawlTrack, why not propose a new translation?