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Others Questions.

Will I have a Crawltrack logo on my pages?

Only if you want to, you can choose not to have a logo when creating the tag to put on your pages.

Can I have different logos from pages to pages?

Yes, you just have to create a new tag with an other logo, you can have one different tag per page.

Why did you propose two differents tags, and how to choose the right one?

The standard tag (the first one) has to be used preferably, the second one has to be used only when the audited site is not hosted on the same host than the one used for the CrawlTrack installation .

Where do I have to put the CrawlTrack tag?

If you have choosen to have a logo, you have to put the tag where you want to see the logo. If you have choosen not to have a logo the tag can be anywere .

How to see the complete list of crawlers?

You just have to click on the link "Suppress a crawler" in the "Tools" page. You will have access to the complete list, and nothing will force you to suppress a crawler...

How are the crawlers detected?

The crawlers are detected by using their User-Agent or their IP. The database supplied by Crawltrack contain only the User-Agents; but you can create new crawlers using IP detection if needed.

Did I have to know the exact IP to detect a Crawler?

You can enter only the beginning of the IP, for example: 222.15; all the visits coming from an IP starting by 222.15 will be taking in account for that crawler.

How to upgrade from an older version of CrawlTrack to the new one?

1)Upload the new files in your CrawlTrack folder, taking care to keep the crawltrack.php file (at the root of your crawltrack folder) and the configconnect.php file (in the include folder).

2)Visit your Crawltrack page, the update will be done automatically.

Your CrawlTrack now is up to date.

Note: If you were using release 1.0.0 and you want to be able to use long site name, with phpmyadmin, change in the table crawlt_site the type for the name field from VARCHAR(20) to VARCHAR(45).

What is the page caching?

When you see a Crawltrack page a lot of calculations are done to be able to create the tables and the graphs. Since version 1.6.0, to avoid to make this calculations each time at each page viewing, the page is cached (recorded).
For the next viewing, it's the record page which will be shown, there is no new calculation.
This is true for one hour, after one hour the page is calculated again. The hour of the page calculation is shown in grey just below the site selection menu.