CrawlTrack, webmaster dashboard.
Web analytic and SEO

CrawlProtect, your website safety.
Protection against hacking, spam and content theft

Two php/MySQL scripts, free and easy to install
The tools you need to manage and keep control of your site.



You can see the statistics of crawlers visits, pages viewed, source, indexation, keyword and entry page by selecting the right option in the menu, in all case, for the actual day, the last 8 days, the current week, the current month or the current year.


Since version 1.6.0, you have three buttons below the period name (see below). These buttons allow you to go back to see the previous period datas. You can go back as far as you want. The last button at the right allow you to come back to the actual period in one click.


You will find below some explanations about the displayed datas.


Since version 1.6.0, the pages are cache when viewing, this to avoid to remake all the calculation at each time. You will see below the site selection menu, the time of the last calculation(see below). The cache page is keep during one hour, after that there is a new calculation.


As default set-up, datas in the tables are order by date. You can choose another sorting option while clicking on the column title. The title of the selected column will then be written in italic. You have also access to the detail statistics concerning a crawler or a page while clicking on its name in the table.


Since version 2.2.1, you can choose the default display order, the number of rows, the type of Email and the charset. This is very easy on the Tools page.


You can visualize the statistic of another website, by selecting this one in the drop-down list on the top right.