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Translate CrawlTrack.

You use CrawlTrack, and you would like to have it in your own language...
So why don't tranlate it yourself?
It's very simple, you just need a little bit of time.

How to do it?

      All the texts used are store in the files in the "language" folder. Actually there is 6 files (french.php, english.php, german.php, spanish.php, turkish.php and dutch.php) as there is one file per language.

      You just have to open one of these files with a text editor and to replace the right part of each lane with the text in the new language.

For example:

$language['site_name']="Website name:";

will become in french:

$language['site_name']="Nom du site:";

      Once all the sentences translate, you can save your file under a new name, swedish.php for example if you have translate in swedish...

      After that you just have four things to do, upload your new file in your language folder, modify the value of "lang" in your "crawlt_config" table with the new language file name , add your new language in the list in the listlang.php file (include folder) and used the link below to contact me. Your translation will be a part of the next CrawlTrack release.

Share your translation.

  If you would like to share your translation. You can contact me.