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How to use CrawlTrack with html pages?

The .htaccess file.

The CrawlTrack tag is written in php, so the page on which it is need to be treated as php. This is naturally the case for php pages but not for html pages.There is a way to have the html pages treated as php pages. It's not always possible according your server setup, but it's worth the try.

For that, you have to put at your site root an .htaccess file which will say to the server to treat html pages as php pages.

You can download that .htaccess file by clicking on the link below. Be carefull, if there is already an .htaccess file at your site root, do not suppress it but copy the content of the downloaded one in the existing one.

Don't forget to put <?php before the tag and ?> after.

Download .htaccess file