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SEO, do it yourself?

As all webmasters, your dream is to see your site overloaded by visitors, but time are changing and the old tricks are no more giving result. Google PR, Google dance, sites directories are now part of the history. Yes, backlinks are still an important part of the SEO process but clearly it's becoming more and more difficult to get his site on the first page of Google search. Google team, thousand of engineers, are working day after day to improve Google search engine.

datas Every day new pages are created on the net and so the competition for the first place is becoming harder and harder. At a time where there is billion of pages available on the net, SEO is crucial if you don't want to stay hide behind this multitude of pages.

Yes you can do it yourself, but you have to know that to obtain good result you will have to work hard and this will soon or late become your main activity. No problem if you have the time to do it, but if by doing SEO, you forget to work on your site content, clearly all your efforts will soon be lost.

Don't forget that even if the net is changing very quickly, the more important thing in SEO is still the site content which need to be unique, interesting and regularly updated. This should be your main activity as a webmaster.

An easy way to be on the first page, is to pay for it. What? It's so easy? Yes, you can pay to be on the first page, using Adword on Google is a good way for that. Yes but, it will be very expensive and once you will stop to pay, if you haven't done any thing as SEO, your site will again become invisible on the net.

If you have money to spend, the best is to share it between Advertisements and SEO to built for the future. You have very good Search Engine Optimization Agency available on the market to help you to have your site on the top. That money is clearly a good invest, as once the process is engage if your site content is really unique, interesting and regularly updated, natural SEO process will follow quickly.