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Tales of Perception Management Told in Online Reputation Case Studies
Author: Matthew Soldenin   March 22nd 2012

When your business is mentioned on the street or pops up in a Google search, how is it perceived? Knowing the answer to this question – and consciously working to make it better – is one of the keys to business in the modern world. Negative perceptions can linger and damage your business whether they are based on fact or fancy. You need a perception management firm to make sure this fate doesn’t befall your company.

A quick look at online reputation management case studies will show that you never know where the attack is coming from. In the case of a well-known retirement community, an anonymous attack threatened the very fabric of the organization. Retirees doing due diligence passed it by based solely on the incorrect online reviews about it. Without a solid foundation of trust in the community, a business in the retirement community field is doomed. Fortunately, they hired the right company to defend them and eventually saved the business.

Other online reputation management case studies point to the fault being linked to the company itself. When perception management is not handled properly, small mistakes can loom large when taken out of context. A manufacturing company that had become successful learned this lesson the hard way. Some minor mistakes from the past had to be corrected before the attackers could be shouted down and the balance restored.
When you hit your stride in business, don’t expect the goodwill of all to reign. Put a solid perception management company to work for you so you will have a strategy to implement the moment an attack is leveled.