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Two weeks in japan | Path of philosophy

Path of philosophy

The path of philosophy is a pleasant walk which skirts a small channel at the beginning of Ginkaku Ji also known under the name of silver temple. This way will carry out us in the suburbs of Kyoto along the hill and we will pass in front of a lot of remarkable temples, such as Nazen Ji and Zenrin Ji.

Path of philosophy-Ginkaku Ji

Ginkaku Ji, or silver temple was built by the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa. He wanted to compete with Kinkaku Ji (golden temple), but has never had enougth money to cover his temple with silver. The temple kept the name but was never silvered. During our visit it was in restoration, that is why it was sheltered under a shed.

Path of philosophy-Ginkaku Ji

The temple is constituted by several buildings which fortunately are not all hidden under the shed.

Path of philosophy-Ginkaku Ji garden

As usual a magnificent garden surrounds the temple.

Path of philosophy-Dry garden

We find there here a dry garden, gardens Zen that we find in numerous temple in Kyoto. Some say that this cone is a heap of sand left by the workers who did the gardening. At least it is now perfectly integrate into the garden.

Path of philosophy-Path of philosophy

We leave Ginkaku Ji by a small road which goes along the canal. It's the path of philosophy, named so because the philosophers, the professors at the university of Kyoto which is quite close, came to meditate there.

Path of philosophy-Path of philosophy

Along the shaded road (it was too late once again for cherry trees in flowers) we find charming small houses.

Path of philosophy-Touristic road

This road is very known by tourists (foreign and Japanese), we cannot thus escape some workshops.

Path of philosophy-Zenrin Ji

We arrive then at Zenrin Ji which offers from its terrace a beautiful sight of Kyoto.

Path of philosophy-Zenrin Ji

View from the garden of the pagoda of Zenrin Ji over the pond.

Path of philosophy-Zenrin Ji

Once more this temple consists of multiple buildings. Some visit, the others not.

Path of philosophy-Zenrin Ji

View on the pond of Zenrin Ji, these gardens are always havens of peace.

Path of philosophy-Path of philosophy

By continuing on the path of philosophy we find a residential area where he is pleasant to live away from the excitement of the city.

Path of philosophy-Path of philosophy

An other house along the way.

Path of philosophy-Aoi Matsuri

On the side of the road, in this shed, a group of Japanese puts the final touch in this tank which will be used during the feast of Aoi Matsuri which will take place on May 15th.

Path of philosophy-Path of philosophy

There are very attractive houses along the road as well as pleasant Japanese gardens.

Path of philosophy-Nanzen Ji

We arrive finally at Nanzen Ji which is one of the biggest Zen Buddhist temple of Kyoto.

Path of philosophy-Nanzen Ji garden

Here is also a dry garden.

Path of philosophy-Suijikaku

Contrast amazing that to find what we could take for a Roman aqueduct here. The aqueduct Suijikaku was built in the Meiji period to bring the water to produce some electricity. All the installations are still used today.

A video visit:

    Path of philosophy is here:

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