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Two weeks in japan | Nishiki market

Nishiki market

The Nishiki market is in the center of Kyoto. You can finds all the ingredients of the Japanese kitchen there. It's all the contrast of this ultramodern country so traditional in the same time. This market is a treat for the eyes full of surprise for us.

Nishiki market-Nishiki market

The market is in a covered gallery which is approximately 500 metres long.All the long we find displays of vegetables, fishes, seaweeds and the others.

Nishiki market-Nishiki market

The street is very narrow andit's very crowdy. We are in the meat safe of Kyoto.

Nishiki market-Vegetables

We find here unknown vegetables in France, often kept in some brine.

Nishiki market-Fish

Numerous shops sell some fish either raw, or already prepared. It is clear here that it is the heart of the Japanese cooking, there is some fish almost in a shop on two.

Nishiki market-Vegetables

Here, all the vegetables, including radish, are kept in some brine.

Nishiki market-Pack vegetables

Another subject of surprise for us, most of the fresh vegetables are sold packed under plastic.

Nishiki market-Candies

A very tasty display, multicolored candies.

Nishiki market-Kebabs

Here kebabs of raw or cooked fish, ready to consume on the spot.

Nishiki market-Displays

For us, certain displays remained mysterious.

Nishiki market-Alevins

Eh yes they are alevins, we often find some in restaurants and it is delicious.

    Nishiki market is here:

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