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Two weeks in japan | Nishijin Textile Center

Nishijin Textile Center

Nishijin Textile Center is a manufacture of kimonos installed in the center of Kyoto since the 19th century. It's mainly a hall of exposure and sale, but that also makes it possible to see craftsmen at work. The techniques of weaving used are traditional techniques with the hand but also with the helps of weaving looms Jacquard.These weaving looms were imported in Japan in 1873. If you want to buy a kimono, it's really a good address, but attention for a true silk kimono it is necessary to envisage a consequent budget.

Nishijin Textile Center-The weaver

This young lady weaves the Obi (the belt of the kimono); she progresses of a centimeter a day. The Obi once finish will be 4 metres long, that gives an idea of necessary time...

Nishijin Textile Center-Kimonos presentation

We attended the parade of presentation of the various kimonos made in this factory.

Nishijin Textile Center-Kimonos presentation

There is more or less sophisticated kimono, this one is rather simple, for the daily life.

Nishijin Textile Center-Kimonos presentation

An other kimono

Nishijin Textile Center-Kimonos presentation

This model there is a little more colored

Nishijin Textile Center-Kimonos presentation

Here, it is the kimono wear by the crown princesses, it consists in fact of 12 different layers. Perfect to protect from the cold in castle.


A video visit:

    Nishijin Textile Center is here:

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