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#1 14-01-2011 04:06:53

Nouveau membre
Registered: 14-01-2011
Posts: 1

Local Sites Not Recognised

I have used CrawlTrack in the past and love the way it works. 

I have a new hosting account that I would like to use CrawlTrack on however I am having trouble with the installation.  I have installed CrawlTrack on the new hosting account and it works with the home website, however it will not work with any add-on domains within this hosting account, all hosted on the same server.

I can install and see visits on sites that are hosted on other servers, but the installation will not see any sites, apart from the domain it is installed on, hosted on the same server.

Any assistance would be appreciated.




#2 01-08-2012 12:39:55

greek subtitles
Nouveau membre
Registered: 01-08-2012
Posts: 4

Re: Local Sites Not Recognised

Hi there,
Do you have the correct '$crawltsite' trigger set for the second domain?
I know it's a naive question but it was one of my first mistakes when I tried the CrawlTrack code for the 1st time.


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