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#1 30-04-2008 16:17:38

Nouveau membre
Registered: 30-04-2008
Posts: 1

How do you decide which php script can be a risk?

On which grounds do you guys decide if a script is a risk for someones website or not.

I ask this, because I'm one of the creators of the phpBB board "IntegraMOD Nederlands". In CrawlTracker it says IntegraMOD Nederlands can be a risk.

As one of the creators, I also use this Board and of course this wonderful peace of software. If I watch the attacklist, I see some code injection attempts, but non of them seem to have effect. If I take a look at my error.log or access.log all attempts have been blocked by either the .htaccess or else did not succeed because the script stopped the code injection.

Can you give me some feedback, so I can check any weakness in the script. Or else, if there is no risk any more, remove us from the risk list...

Thanx in advance.



#2 01-06-2008 21:49:45

Registered: 07-10-2007
Posts: 19

Re: How do you decide which php script can be a risk?

I don't think anyone is "Deciding risk" obiku. But it is listing the possible exploits it could have blocked (this could be based on released exploits).



#3 01-06-2008 23:04:19

Registered: 30-10-2005
Posts: 2980

Re: How do you decide which php script can be a risk?


I didn't decide about risk of a script, I'm just listing knowned vulnerability, and for IntegraMOD Nederland I found this:


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