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#1 01-11-2008 15:12:54

Nouveau membre
Registered: 01-11-2008
Posts: 1

Forgotten Password

I've crawltrack hosted on the same host as my site. however, I've forgotten my username and password. I have access to all the files via fpt. is there a way I can retrieve it?

I tried looking for it in the trouble shoot / documentation section but didnt find anything.

thank you



#2 01-11-2008 20:34:44

Registered: 30-10-2005
Posts: 2980

Re: Forgotten Password


Unfortunatly there is no way to retrieve your password as it is encoded.
The best way to have access to your installation is to delete the configconnect.php file (include folder).
Then you visit your CrawlTrack, the installation process will start, don't be affraid you won't lost any data.
When requested you will have to enter a new login and a new password; after that you can stop the installation process.

Hope this will help you,


CrawlTrack & CrawlProtect developer



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