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#1 25-04-2007 16:21:01

Nouveau membre
Registered: 25-04-2007
Posts: 2

some suggestions

- an icon to show which keywords searching count goes up and.

-a place for new domains to be tracked via a track code or banner from the pages which use crawltrack. the banner or track code that i say will be belongs to crawltrack (host ) users. and when the  banner  of host users ( on the pages of new users ) be clicked, will open the page of crawltrack user (hoster ) . not

new users with their domains will add  an account on the host site via a register forum. and new domains will be login via the page that they have account... so all sites will use crawltrack or will host crawl track smile ... and all pageranks will returns to crawltrack. 

im sorry for my bad english. but my teacher isnt so good tongue thanx for everything.



#2 06-05-2007 20:35:22

Registered: 30-10-2005
Posts: 2980

Re: some suggestions


Thanks for your suggestions.
I'm not sure that I will add the second one as it's a lot of developement for very few potential users (but maybe I'm wrong...).
But  anyway, it's always a pleasure to received new ideas for the futur of CrawlTrack.


CrawlTrack & CrawlProtect developer



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