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#1 01-12-2011 12:06:38

Nouveau membre
Registered: 01-12-2011
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Crawlprotect and newer versions of php and mysql

Been using crawlprotect for a while.  Worked great.  Bravo.  Just out of curiosity I tried the typical test of site=(yadda) to see if things are working totally.  Nothing happened.  Page came right up.  My hosting service recently updated their versions of php and mysql.  So I am wondering if these versions are "fixed" enough that crawlprotect is no longer seeing them.  I have additional protection software that obviously runs after the .htaccess file, and that software is still detecting this an issue.  But crawlprotect seems to ignore it now.  Any suggestions.  I personally haven't done anything to the .htaccess file and its last modification date was months ago (like it should be).  I did look at my recent log, but sadly deleted it before I ran my test.  It appeared that crawlprotect was still catching user agents, but don't remember anything about this kind of url attack.

Some that makes some sense.




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