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#1 24-06-2011 13:31:49

Nouveau membre
Registered: 17-06-2011
Posts: 5

install to folder

I wanted to narrow things down using crawlprotect so I installed it in - domain/forum/crawlprotect

First, if I use url - domain/forum/crawlprotect - or - domain/forum/crawlprotect/ - I'm redirected to forum. So I typed - domain/forum/crawlprotect/ index.php - and got the set up page. Created a .htaccess file and refreshed and got the " You need to create the CrawlProtect htaccess file to be protected. Go to CrawlProtect administration and then click on 'Create or update the htaccess' " message. Repeated (updated htaccess) - same message. But crawlprotect is seeing things because I can set folder/file permissions from crawlprotect page

Any suggestions?



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