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#1 02-05-2011 14:02:55

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HTML solution

Good day all

I have installed the package and now face the HTML dilemma.  I already had .htaccess so added the two lines as suggested.  This caused the "download page" scenario.  I initially tried the solution as mentioned here "" and added to the .htaccess file this line "ForceType application/x-httpd-php" .  This unfortunately seemed to mess things around with my hosting server and pages started doing rather strange things and I had to delete and reinstall the package.  I found another solution here "" using "DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm" instead of the two lines, and that sorted that problem. 

Now I have the dilemma of - Where do I place my tag?. 

I am using Xara Web Designer and this has the ability to add code, such as tracking code etc, to an individual pages HTML Head or HTML Body, or the pages on the whole site.  If I place the code there I get no results from the test crawler so please, would someone let me know where to stick the tag and any extra code if needed.

Apologies for my ignorance if this is an obvious solution

Many thanks

Gamboloyd smile



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