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#1 18-12-2010 09:44:05

Nouveau membre
Registered: 18-12-2010
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Blocking actions on own site

I have an SMF forum and Crawlprotect is blocking certain administrative actions on the forum as a "Shell type hacking attempt".

For, example if we try to split or merge a thread, as forum administrator, then the action gets blocked with the following:

Split a topic:

Url: /forum/index.php?action=splittopics;sa=execute;topic=6627.0

Merge a topic:

Url: /forum/index.php?action=mergetopics;sa=execute;

as so on....

Within Crawlprotect I have my own IP set as "Apply protection rule whatever IP used" but it doesn't seem to prevent the block as above.

How can we stop this happening  ?   smile



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