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#1 08-12-2010 11:16:01

Nouveau membre
Registered: 08-12-2010
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What is the Code , SQL Injection and hacking Attempt??

Hi all
     I have just installed crawtrack for 3 months.It is great tool for tracking user and keyword from google.
Later , I noticed that I found code injection , SQL injection including hacking attempt when I saw the report ,as a result my website is getting down and down and no search result in Top 100.I am crazy to see that.I need to know what is wrong on my web page.Can someone explain what is Code , SQL Injection and hacking Attempt?? How much serious effect to my website and how to prevent and fix it.




#2 08-12-2010 20:09:34

Registered: 30-10-2005
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Re: What is the Code , SQL Injection and hacking Attempt??


There is no link between hacking attempts and your position in search engine.
Unfortunnatly any  site on the web will one day be chosen as target by hackers. There is nothing you can doo against that, just take all preventives mesures to avoid hackers success, CrawlTrack is one of them but not the only one.


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