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#1 14-09-2010 14:02:26

Registered: 21-04-2009
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Dynamic External IP Block Black Lists Inclusion


I believe it would prove useful to integrate some means of automatically pulling the content of some IP black lists from services such as or   and into crawltrack and Cralwprotect own blocklist mechanisms.

The main advantage is that someone is always maintaining these as they change quite regularly.  And it would offer users some added protection such as having the ability to dynamically selecting lists to have spammers or known hackers ip's blocked by selection as in the case of forum spam such as the following list from I-BlockList Forum SPAM List: which gets updated about every 15 days by the folks at  Bluetack

More great list Are:
    Web Exploits:

Some of these lists require users to subscribe but the lists of available block lists is extensive and would offer each users access to the ability to customize defenses to their own individual needs...

Another important external filter is from Project Honey Pot Services where you can pull direct from a proven database of spammers and even build in an trap for visiting harvesters and comment spammers if the user wishes to contribute in the fight against these bottom feeders...

The link to the project itself:
Here is a list of existing implementations for other products such as forums and the like:

Here is a few stats to give you an idea of the usefullness of this project:
Trap Addresses Monitored 47,321,682
Trap Monitoring Capability 461,500,000,000
Spam Servers Identified 74,946,143
IPs Monitored 76,493,923
Harvesters Identified 85,456
Dictionary Attackers 12,246,251
Comment Spammers 323,847
Search Engines 314,382
Rule Breakers  1,621

I can see this as useful in both Crawltrack and crawlprotect each in their own right...

By the way Jean Denis, These scripts are getting better and offer an ever more elegant solutions at each new releases!

Keep up the good work!

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Guy Deschênes



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