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#1 27-08-2010 15:04:05

Nouveau membre
Registered: 26-01-2010
Posts: 8

Shell type hacking attempts

I have just installed crawlprotect on an addon domain.

The domain is running the latest stable joomla install but is bridged with phpbb3 forums.

I have installed a shoutbox and have added more smilies which now displays a few below the chatbox but with a text message saying "more". Before the install of crawlprotect, upon clicking on more, fired up a popup box with the remaining smilies to choose from.

Problem is since installing crawlprotect, if i hit the more text the popup box fires up but says blocked by crawlprotect.

In the admin section it is classed as a Shell type hacking attempt.

Is there a way i can allow this popup smiley box without it being blocked by crawlprotect.?

Many thanks




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