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#1 18-08-2010 23:58:11

Registered: 30-04-2010
Posts: 17

2 questions regarding CrawlProtect


Using CrawlProtect, I wanted to ask if it is a good idea to also change the CHMOD of all CrawlTrack and CrawlProtect folders/files to the "High Security Level". Or is this goind to cause some mulfunction?

Another question I have is whether it is a disadvantage if potential hackers can know that I use CrawlProtect. In my robots.txt file I have added the CrawlProtect folder, which means that anyone can see that I use this program by searching So if this is a disadvantage then I can change the name of the folder to something other than "crawlprotect".

By the way thanks for this program, it already seems to block some attacks on my website.



#2 19-08-2010 00:35:36

Registered: 30-10-2005
Posts: 2980

Re: 2 questions regarding CrawlProtect


1)You can change CrawlTrack & CrawlProtect folder to High Security Level whitout any issue (You just have to switch back to standard level at each new release upgrade to allow the upgrade process).

2)It's up to you, you can change the name of the folder (if you do so, you will have to recreate your htaccess to take in account the new path).


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