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#1 21-07-2010 16:52:26

Registered: 21-04-2009
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Crawlprotect and Crawltrack code injection/SQL Injection


I am noticing that crawltrack is  still blocking some code injections attempt instead of Crawlprotect all the whiles Crawlprotect is blocking some as well in tandem...

How is that possible?

Does this not open the possibility that some are missed altogether?
or it means the attack detection algorithms are different? or is it a timing/latency issue between the two scripts operating in tandem?

Crawltrack never did detect and block a whole lot in the past mostly injections and nothing else.  I'm a bit concerned of some type of conflict between the two...

Are you planning to integrate Crawlprotect into Crawltrack at some point to eliminate these strange occurrences?

Guy Deschênes

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Guy Deschênes



#2 26-07-2010 21:59:07

Registered: 30-10-2005
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Re: Crawlprotect and Crawltrack code injection/SQL Injection


CrawlProtect is using a htaccess protection and CrawlTrack a php one.
Both scripts are fully compatible and there is no risk of conflict.
Usually CrawlProtect is blocking the biggest part of the attacks but in some case CrawlTrack still catch some (if a folder is not ussing the htaccess for example).

CrawlProtect has been launch following request from CrawlTrack users to have a security only dedicated script.

Maybe in the futur, CrawlTrack will take more of CrawlProtect regarding the protection features.


CrawlTrack & CrawlProtect developer



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