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#1 20-07-2010 19:11:46

Nouveau membre
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countdownload URL

First of all, thank you for the excellent piece of work with CrawlTrack. The only thing I'm not satisfied is the countdownload URL. http;//;// is a bad bad ugly URL, the common (non-IT) visitor can be confused thinking this is some kind of weird or malware redirection... If one sees some extra http or/and wvw in a URL the feeling is almost always that what is going on, should I click the link or rather no? My suggestion would be not to duplicate the host name. The host name is already given in the beginning, why is it duplicated? The URL should be http;// And if I put the countdownload.php in the root (and change the include paths in it) we should get a really nice peace of URL: http;// I suppose everybody agree, this is what we need. So, the second part of my suggestion is easy to implement, what I cannot figure out is how to throw away the duplicate host name (the second http;// after the url=) from the string. I tried something but the script calls the Hacking attempt sentence. Of course, I can try some Mod-rewrite in my htaccess, but there should be some elegant solution, I think.



#2 26-07-2010 22:13:25

Registered: 30-10-2005
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Re: countdownload URL


I'm not sure that "standard visitors" (not webmasters) take care a lot of the url form.

Anyway, I understand your feeling.
I have try to have it as simple as possible  to avoid any risk of mistake for the Crawltrack users, and so just add there file url after the countdownload url.
Actually the host name is requested as in case of several site on the same Crawltrack, this is used to retrieved the site concern.

To move the countdownload.php file position is possible but need a few modifications to retrieve the right include path.

I will think of that for the futur release;

You can also used an url shortener like TinyURL if you reallly don't like the long url wink


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