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#1 09-07-2010 18:25:28

Registered: 21-04-2009
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Wonderful Script!

Nice, easy fast and effective!
The redesigned interface is beautiful, much easier to understand and use.
The new installer is smooth and intuitive and fast...  I really love this script... the coding is also rather elegant...

Are you planning on adding some type of data logger and viewer so we can monitor it's activities?
Will you build a reporting engine a la crawltrack? for our morning readings together with coffee and newspaper?

I think a reference exploit database upon which one could also have the ability to add or update crawlprotect a bit like crawltrack has but that grants the users or site managers to have more granular control over the process would be a welcome addition...

I am certain you must have spent a thousand hours working on this project... 

Thanks for a great work Jean Denis!

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Guy Deschênes



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