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#1 11-04-2010 13:22:17

Nouveau membre
Registered: 10-04-2010
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stats are gone after a few hours

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a couple of minutes before some stats were avaiable in the visitors area of the dashboard. after pressing "refresh  stats"  I see the picture above (everything reset to zero).

the "server load" area is still counting access to the site.

I'm lost with this.



#2 11-04-2010 15:39:32

Registered: 30-10-2005
Posts: 2980

Re: stats are gone after a few hours


CrawlTrack is using filter to clean the stats from bot visits. In your case, it look that the first time you have look on your stats, the visits were not consider as bot and so keep in the database, but the second time the filter apply and so the visits were remove from the database.
As filters are base on number of page view per second, number of different referer from the same IP... etc the situation of an IP can change during the day.
The server load will take in account all hits even the one which are remove by the filters.


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