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#1 29-01-2012 16:07:32

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CrawlProtect 3-0-0 available for beta testers

Hi all,

CrawlProtect 3-0-0 is  ready for submission to beta testers.

The new properties:
-Using a MySQL database
-fully-revised code to facilitate maintenance and evolution  (based on the CrawlTrack code)
-many new possibilities for customization of blocking rules
-anti-spam (forum, directory, etc ...)
* multi-site operation

* to use the multi-site, you have to install a CrawlProtect on each site but with the same database. Access to data and configuration of the differents sites will be possible from anyone of the installation.

This is a major development, so there is no recovery information available from your previous installation, so it is advisable for the beta not to install in the same directory as your current version.

To try, you can download CrawlProtect3-0-0 beta here

Thank you for making returns, suggestions, bug report on this topic.
Good tests,


CrawlTrack & CrawlProtect developer



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