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#1 23-09-2009 14:05:05

Nouveau membre
Registered: 23-09-2009
Posts: 9

Ultimated feature only very few stats program have

Lot of statistics programs have a way to track multiple sites and this is with making a new ID for each site and pasting a new code to all the sites.

I propose something this far only programs like TraceWatch and Piwik can do. Actually more programs can do this but none of them are free.

It would be very powerful feature to have if CrawlTrack could track all the sites with one tag code & all the stats would be merged for all these sites. This way if you have many sites you can have real network traffic trends and statistics and much better overview what is going on. I know many people would like this because it would save lot of time.

Technically I know the main problem is that if you allow it in a such way bad people could inject their own urls into your database with their code. But this can be prevented with adding a "secret" PHP variable to invocation tag.. it has to match the one in the database and only then the stats are approved to the database.

This is really ultimated feature and I can't see why most statistics programs haven't yet adopted it.. maybe they just don't know what people want big_smile

I have written my own primitive stats program with this feature but it is nothing like CrawlTrack, thanks for awesome program! smile



#2 23-09-2009 22:49:25

Registered: 30-10-2005
Posts: 2980

Re: Ultimated feature only very few stats program have


You can used the same tag for all your site if you want, but in that case you will not able to have detail stats per site.
Have you also have a look on the All sites summary page (available from the site selection liste)?


CrawlTrack & CrawlProtect developer



#3 25-09-2009 12:11:17

Nouveau membre
Registered: 23-09-2009
Posts: 9

Re: Ultimated feature only very few stats program have

Yes I'm aware of this, but with TraceWatch and Piwik it is possible to have detailed stats with help of simple tags in the tracking code.

Haven't really checked the All sites summary page though, will check it out, thanks!



#4 15-12-2009 07:16:26

Nouveau membre
Registered: 15-12-2009
Posts: 1

Re: Ultimated feature only very few stats program have

Thank you for your response. After the change is made should it take effect immediately? I just tried all the way down to 1000 and it still does the same thing...... If need be I am happy to give you my ICQ # so we can figure this out. I am very fond of Crawltrack and have always been pleased with the performance

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#5 22-01-2010 07:58:15

Nouveau membre
Registered: 23-09-2009
Posts: 9

Re: Ultimated feature only very few stats program have

Eek, spam!

Anyway I seem to have came back to this idea and I know how to express it this time. What would be nice for Crawltrack to have is a way to add a prefix for pages.

Lets say you could do something like this with tracking tag:

< ? php
$ctprefix = "";
? >

Now every entry page and Pages viewed page would get prefix in front of them. Why this is useful? Well you could make the tag look like:

$ctprefix = " $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];  ";

And now you can track all the sites with just one tag!

I hope I explained myself better this time. Maybe this is already possible somehow?



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