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#1 25-05-2006 21:07:01

Nouveau membre
Registered: 25-05-2006
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Can not include code in all pages

Hi there and thanks for the great work!!!

I have a problem not really related to your coding but including the code to call your script.

If i inlude it in normal php pages everything is cool, but i have a script that generates like 10.000 pages dynamic from database every night and i create the pages with fwrite.

Now when i include your code to be written to these files i get an error as the code:

$url =urlencode($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

is not written in the head of these files, somehow it gets executed and stops with an error with T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE.

I checked myself and it is the part


i can not get to work with fwrite as - like i said - gets executed when I write it.

Any help appeciated


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#2 25-05-2006 21:19:44

Registered: 30-10-2005
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Re: Can not include code in all pages


Try to put \ before each, like that:


Hope this will help you,


CrawlTrack & CrawlProtect developer



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