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#1 10-10-2010 20:59:09

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...and still does not block injections tentatives

ok. CrawlProtect show me that blocked  "1  Code or SQL injections tentatives". The problem is, the injection enter into my database.

See this exemple:


9cOHrM  <a href=\"\">xxxxxxxx</a>,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, -


Now, if crawlprotect blocked this injection, how come did it enter to my database? By the way, the IP was blocked, because is the second time I receive this kind of injection from him.

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#2 10-10-2010 23:13:20

Registered: 30-10-2005
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Re: ...and still does not block injections tentatives


I have modify the link to avoid to give backlink to malicious script.

When CrawlProtect block an attack it record it in the database to be able to show it in the log; but as the blocage is done there is no chance for the script to be inject thrue any of your script.


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