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#1 31-07-2009 21:27:39

Nouveau membre
Registered: 31-07-2009
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Automatic Scan Inclusions of .htaccess and robots.txt

It would be nice if crawltrack would scan the .htaccess for denied ip's or ip blocks, denied user-agent's, denied referrers, and scan robots.txt for the same, then automatically add those entries to a "Blocked" index that is tracked separately from the "errors" or "crawlers" or "visitors" statistics.

It would also be nice to port the XML list of known user-agents into crawltrack and be able to give "Label Groups" to each user-agent as: "Spider" "Bot" "Worm" "Browser" "Unknown" etcetera... *and* have the ability to have all user-agents in groups added to the "Hacking Attempt" list... for instance... include all of the "Worm" user-agent (and http-referer informations) automatically applied to the Hacking Attempt statistics.

Thank you for developing this excellent free tracker!

-- Daerk


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